Development, support or trainings
– we'll boost up your Neos project


Whether it's fancy features, extending your Neos UI, restructuring your code, or installing Neos as your future product information management, we can improve your project by developing custom elements and structures tailored to your needs.


If you need continuous Neos support for your team or specific projects, we can work together with you - e.g. as part of a scrum team. That way, we can incorporate our accumulated experience and best practices, to help you open up new possibilities.


You're looking to improve your skills or have your team members trained in specific areas - such as Atomic Fusion or technical conception? We're offering workshops tailored to your individual requirements, to help you reach your desired level. 

What's possible with Neos?

  • Extending your User Interface
  • Developing special features
  • Using different workspaces, e.g. as approval system

  We can also help you use Neos with:

  • Atomic Fusion Extension (AFX)
  • Asset Management (Cloud Storage)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Product Information Management (PIM)

  and much more.

Advanced usage of Neos

Customized Backend Modules 

One example is a backend module for importing data from external web services

Assuming you want to view your company locations which are stored on a separated system. A Backend Module can give you control over the time and frequency of importing these data or just showing information about import status.

Another example is visualizing submitted form data within a backend module.

Make the form data available for download, but only for backend users with certain role.

Custom Edit/Preview-Modes

Configure different rendering Edit/Preview-Modes users can switch depending on thier use-case. 

Two Stack CMS

Using Neos as a two stack CMS means that you differentiate between content management and content delivery. Content is maintained within Neos as usual, however, the delivery is carried out by other systems.

Why would you divide management and delivery?
Separation improves both performance and security - if, for instance, your Neos is only accessible via Intranet, while your content should be available to the public.

A successful example of how to use Neos as a two stack CMS are the 1&1 sales partner portals, e.g. the 1&1 Profiseller, which we implemented along with our colleagues from Sandstorm Media and netlogix.


You need help with the overall architecture of your project, regarding either technical feasibility, conceptual planning or both?

Whether it's mapping your own business logic with Neos, managing and mapping your products online, or tipps regarding internal tools, we can help you implement both company and project requirements in a holistic approach. We can also help you out in terms of editorial maintainability and appealing visual design.

About Neos CMS

Neos is an innovative system that focuses on the user experience. With Neos, there are no limits to the imagination: it enables you to implement any frontend-sided design you can think of, so that even the most individual designs can be realized.

The basis for this are intuitive front-end editing, structured content and a strong technical foundation, which can be further developed continuously.

Our Experience

We've been actively developing and building the CMS as part of the Core Team for many years, therefore we can guarantee a maximum of expertise with Neos.
But our experience encompasses far more than that. Just to name a few, we've been:

  • building state-of-the-art Neos projects
  • working alongside other agencies in order to realize larger projects
  • working in scrum teams
  • developing our own packages

If you have an idea that you would like to implement, let us know.
If you need help, whether it's development, support or trainings you're looking for, just get in touch - via phone or e-mail.

Let's turn Neos into your personal tool for great, sustainable projects!