Automate FLOW3 and TYPO3 Deployment with Surf

Unter diesem Titel wird mein Kollege Christopher Hlubek gemeinsam mit Tobias Liebig einen Einblick in das automatisierte Deployment mit „Surf“ geben. Im offiziellen Abstract heißt es hierzu:

Automated deployment is a crucial part of continuous delivery and most agile strategies.
The Surf tool is already used for most FLOW3 related projects and provides a great benefit for these kind of projects. Built as a FLOW3 application it's flexible and extensible and can be bundled or used stand-alone. Besides being great for any FLOW3 based project (including Phoenix) it's possible to deploy almost anything.
Starting with TYPO3 6.0 an automated deployment process will be much easier to implement and Surf comes pre-configured with a deployment target for this branch of TYPO3.
In this talk we will also feature the unique features of Surf like clustered deployment, smoke testing, extensibility with custom tasks and integration into a continuous integration infrastructure.

A Technical Overview of TYPO3 Phoenix

Gemeinsam mit Sebastian Kurfürst wird Christopher Hlubek in diesem Talk die technischen Grundlagen des neuen Content Management System aufzeigen:

TYPO3 Phoenix features a brand new architecture based on the FLOW3 framework and modular packages for the content management system.
This talk will give you a technical overview of the framework and individual components, how they connect and how to re-use them in custom applications.
Each of the main technologies will be briefly presented: FLOW3, the Content Repository, TypoScript, Eel, FlowQuery, Fluid, the Form API, Package Management, Plugins, the Phoenix UI and more.
Moreover, this talk serves as a good overview for all other Phoenix-related talks.

How To Integrate Websites with TYPO3 Phoenix

Wie jedes Jahr findet am Donnerstag vor dem offiziellen Start der Konferenz der TYPO3 Tutorial Day statt. Dieses Jahr werde ich Christian Müller bei dem Tutorial zur Integration von Webseiten mit TYPO3 Phoenix unterstützen:

After the basic installation, we will explore site packages that bundle all website-related assets such as TypoScript, templates, and basic content. We use the site kickstarter to create a skeleton package and customize it. After basic adjustments, we will create our own template.
Later in the process, we add custom content elements, highlighting the powerful flexible content elements directly baked into the TYPO3 Phoenix core. Finally a short excursion into adjusting the website output using TypoScript and other advanced topics can be made.


Insbesondere durch den großen Schritt für das neue CMS wird es für uns als TYPO3 Agentur sehr spannend sein, die Resonanz auf die neuen Techniken zu sehen. Zudem verspricht die Konferenz immer viele interessante Gespräche und die Chance neue Gesichter kennen zu lernen.

Offizielle Webseite zur Stuttgarter TYPO3 Konferenz 2012